This historic railroad station community was once known as Athensville. Renamed in 1853 to Ardmore, the unincorporated community falls nothing short of beautiful. Ardmore is home to the Suburban Square, a historic shopping center founded in 1928. Today, the Square offers a variety of shopping and restaurants such as Not Your Average Joes serving traditional American Fare and known for its delicious burgers.

Ardmore's small-town charm illuminates its quaint downtown streets lined with historic brick buildings that provide local shopping. During the Summer months, parts of the road are shut down and filled with flower pots and walkways lined with iron tables and chairs to sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Ardmore is an excellent transport hub that is easy to get to and from other local areas by use of SEPTA and Amtrak. A short train ride will gift you the discovery of horse farms and the American Revolution Trail of Philadelphia.